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What Does A TM Flow Test Show with The Latest Technology?

The autonomic nervous system controls the main functions of our body, such as the cardiac system, digestion, respiration, and blood pressure. When your autonomic system is disturbed, you may experience various health symptoms like blood pressure fluctuation, urination irregularity, and many more. For which the best diagnosis is a TM Flow Test. This article will highlight what is a TM Flow test and what a TM Flow Test shows.

TM Flow System Overview 

You would want to know what TM Flow means. TM Flow system is an innovative discovery by experts that helped medical practitioners excel in their careers. The leading-edge diagnostic machine offers valuable info regarding a person’s autonomic system functioning and helps detect chronic conditions. 

According to the TM Flow test definition, it is a single test that combines various technologies to diagnose autonomic nervous system dysfunction. The autonomic nervous system usually includes different measurements, where each measurement is performed through a particular modality. 

Unveiling the TM Flow test meaning – the quick procedure offers a comprehensive evaluation of the problems impacting a human’s autonomic nervous system. Medical practitioners can obtain critical data that helps diagnose possible health issues at the initial stages so that they can be treated well in time. 

TM Flow Test: Details 

TM Flow test is a complete medical diagnostic system with several indicators that help evaluate a human’s autonomic nervous system health. Medical experts across the globe are widely using it to detect blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, and skin responses. 

Moreover, the cutting-edge TM Flow technology offers medical practitioners calculated key signs that help them better understand the issues with the vascular system and autonomic neuropathy. So, it is a valuable technique to analyze a patient’s vascular and autonomic nervous system functioning. 

TM Flow test system leverages three distinct and modern technologies to measure, evaluate, and distinguish the major symptoms of vascular or autonomic nervous system dysfunction. The TM Flow test technologies include: 

  • TM-ABI

  • Sweat

  • LD-Oxy

TM Flow is a special diagnostic tool designed by experts that provides a steady and repeatable autonomic nervous system checkup in seven minutes. It has gained popularity due to its straightforward procedure that sources valuable clinical data and is a great support for medical practitioners. The latest wireless TM Flow test system features arm blood pressure slaps, ankle blood pressure slaps, and photoplethysmography. Another special thing about the TM flow test is the color-coded results that give spontaneous interpretation of the human condition. Today, all medical practitioners and medical units prefer TM Flow testing for patients as it gives simple results that are easier to understand and help in planning an effective treatment. 

How is the TM Flow Test System Useful?

TM Flow test system has taken autonomic nervous system testing to the next level and provides a comprehensive patient wellness report. Medical practitioners and physicians are majorly benefitting from the innovative diagnostic method as it supplements the patient’s health info and sources empirical data. Based on the wellness report outcomes, doctors can suggest appropriate diet plans, supplements, and prevention for each patient. 

Quick Diagnosis 

TM Flow test system is best for faster diagnosis and saves valuable time. Moreover, it provides a comprehensive picture of all possible health issues of patients, hence guiding medical professionals about the right treatment. This diagnostic system efficiently detects chronic metabolic problems and is widely used for diabetic patients. 

It is a combination of many diagnostic tests that help evaluate the clinical outcomes: 

  • Ankle-brachial Index 

  • Cardiac Autonomic Reflex 

  • Photo-plethysmography Evaluation 

  • Sudomotor Function Testing 

These tests are supported by new technologies: 

  • Pneumo-plethysmography is used for ankle-brachial index tests

  • Cardiac Autonomic Reflex diagnosis helps examine postural adjustments and deep breathing exercises

  • Sudomotor function testing helps detect sympathetic skin responses. 

Cutting-edge Technology Offers Convenience  

TM Flow test is highly beneficial and simple to use. This non-invasive diagnostic testing technique takes just seven to ten minutes to fully analyze a person’s autonomic nervous system, overall well-being, and different health issues. Moreover, the results are simple and easy to comprehend. 

The comprehensive diagnostic technique delivers results through Ewing, photoplethysmography analysis tests, and Sudomotor and Ankle-brachial indices. The best thing about the TM Flow test is that it helps medics differentiate between cardiovascular and neural ailments (whose symptoms are very similar). When doctors know the difference, they can plan the treatment accordingly. This has helped save millions of lives and enhanced the effectiveness of medical treatments.  

Medical professionals endorse the TM Flow test as it helps attain instant examination of a patient’s cardiovascular health. Doctors can evaluate the arteries’ health and stiffness and suggest preventative medications before the condition becomes critical. Moreover, it also provides detailed sudomotor performance analysis and can detect peripheral artery disorder symptoms among patients. Medics also use the TM Flow test to gain insight into the health problems related to cardiac autonomic neuropathy. 

Single Medical Test to Detect Numerous Health Conditions 

Previously, medical practitioners used to perform various tests to evaluate patients’ autonomic nervous system condition and had to wait for days for the results to plan the treatment. However, with the launch of the TM Flow test, the process has accelerated and has made the process of evaluating patients’ autonomic dysfunction very convenient. Besides, TM flow testing is the best replacement for inefficient clinical data and routine lab testing for accurate diagnosis. 

Doctors prescribe TM Flow tests to people afflicted by different ailments such as pre-diabetes or diabetes, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, syncope, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, Resting tachycardia, and chronic foot pain, or numbness. This test is also used to determine symptoms related to sleep apnea, hypertension, chronic fatigue, cardiac dysrhythmia, and allergies. 


TM Flow test is defining the future of the medical landscape, empowering medical professionals to instantly examine patients’ health and diagnose the disease. It has improved the efficiency of medical treatments and reduced chances of error. 

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